4540 Compound Twin Turbo Kit

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SKU: PPE-116454000 Brand: PPE 2004.5-2010 GM Duramax 6.6L


PPE has designed the most comprehensive Compound Turbo Package on the market! We supply you with everything you need.

By designing the turbos to compliment each other we can deliver power throughout the entire power band. The PPE 45/40 Compound Turbo Package is just the thing for customers who are serious about adding massive torque and horsepower to their Duramax.

Anyone looking to get their engine to produce big power that translates into pulling away from their competitors at the starting line, then look no further. The key is how the strengths of the Garrett GTX4508R and GT4094R (or optional GTX4088R) are linked and how both turbos work together at all times. Both turbos are made by Garrett and are oil, and water-cooled (just like the OEM turbo charger) with ball bearings to ensure they provide unparalleled reliability as well as drivability.

Each turbo has their own specialties and do their jobs very efficiently. The GT4094R/GTX4088R spools-up quicker resulting in excellent low to midrange power. Once the engine hits mid-range and above the Wastegate diverts more of the exhaust pressure to the GTX4508R. It is the GTX4508R which supplies the mid to high-end power that will really puts your Duramax into overdrive.

PPE combines the turbos with a custom 3 inch intake bridge and features a 4 inch crossover tube and Race High Flow Exhaust Manifolds with Up-Pipes. This combination provides the engine with drastically enhanced intake and exhaust actions which create an unrestricted flow for the dual turbo system. Speaking of flow, the PPE High Performance Intercooler cools the air before it is pumped into the engine via the 3 inch aluminum boost tubes. The result is a virtually seamless delivery of power that works especially well with PPE’s electronic and fuel upgrades.

The PPE compound turbo system does all that and still retains A/C and heater functionality. This way, you can even be comfortable while smoking the competition!


  • Garrett GTX4508R and GT4094R/GTX4088R ball bearing-equipped, water, and oil-cooled turbo
  • Race High Flow Exhaust Manifolds with Up-Pipes
  • PPE Wastegate
  • Custom 3 inch intake bridge/4 inch cold tube
  • PPE’s reinforced, High-Flow Performance Intercooler
  • Seamless 3 inch aluminum intercooler tubes
  • Aluminum coolant overflow reservoir
  • Interlocking NO leak exhaust flanges
  • Retains A/C and heater functions
  • Triangulated mounting brackets, improved reliability
Additional Information

Additional Information

Vehicle Application 2004.5-2010 GM Duramax 6.6L
SKU PPE-116454000
Brand PPE
Core Deposit No
Price $12,239.99