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Calibrated Power


Calibrated Power Cummins Ez Lynk Tuning

Calibrated Power Cummins Ez Lynk Tuning
Purchase Calibrated Power Cummins Ez Lynk Tuning
  • SKU: CAL-CME-EZ-1319

    Calibrated Power Cummins Ez Lynk Tuning

  • Brand: Calibrated Power Application: 2013-2020 Ram Cummins 6.7L
  • Emissions Equipped Only Disclaimer: This tuning will only work with emissions equipped vehicles. The SPADE will not work with or assist with deleting emissions equipment.:  
  • $1,359.00

Product description

The 2013 – 2020 Cummins, 6.7L diesel engine is one of the most powerful power plants available in a ¾ or 1-ton pickup truck today. Ram updated their interior, exterior, ride quality, and developed a more reliable emissions system for these trucks and it paid off!

As much as we love these trucks from the factory, we make them better! Our custom tuning gives you more power without sacrificing drive-ability or reliability.  Our tunes are designed for the “Everyday Diesel Guy”! You need to depend on your truck when you're towing, commuting with the family or even that once and a while when you need to do a sick burnout.

There's no reason to pull your exhaust off of your truck to get the power, mileage, and torque benefits of tuning.  Calibrated Power, home of specializes in engineering high power calibrations that work in harmony with the factory emissions control systems.  Our calibrations process is time and labor-intensive, but the results are worth it if you're using your truck daily and appreciate clean quiet operation. 


-Truck emits zero particulate (black smoke)

-Makes excellent power and torque throughout the rev range

-Shifts firm and locks the torque converter up to take advantage of the 6.7L's wide torque curve (*with optional TCM tuning)

-Does not smoke on cold start

-Does not drone in the cab at any RPM while towing

-Allows you to go back to stock with a simple re-flash


Our Cummins Tuning Support Pack includes:

  • All available tune files for your truck, transmission type and requested power levels
  • Lifetime Support – unlimited updates
  • Industry Leading Custom Service

68RFE vs AISIN vs G56

Your 2013-2020 most likely came with a 68RFE or Aisin Automatic Transmission. A G56 manual transmission was offered up to 2018 but it is not nearly as common.  Each transmission offers its own benefits and flaws. Our engine tuning will work with all 3 options.  


By far, this is the most common transmission found in these trucks. That is why there is a larger range of aftermarket products offered for them. Our EZ Lynk Support Pack includes Switch-on-the-fly engine tuning and custom transmission tuning for the 68RFE. We also can provide you with Upgraded valve bodies, torque converters, and even a full transmission build.  


The Aisin transmission is most often (but not always) found in the 2013-2020 HD Cummins Cab & Chassis pick-up truck models. It was an available option for standard pick-ups as well but, came with a price tag.  Your Aisin equipped Cummins will run better than it ever has before with our EZ Lynk Support Pack. The 2013-2018 Aisin Equipped Switch-on-the-fly engine tuning for your truck is specifically designed to maximize the full potential, while maintaining reliability, from your truck. The 2019-2020 Aisin equipped trucks will get those same custom-designed tunes in Single Tune Files. 


The G56 Manual transmission was offered through the 2018 model year. The factory clutch can handle a reasonable amount of added torque with an adult driver at the wheel. For these trucks, you get all 4 Custom Engine Tunes in individual files. 

Heavy Tow: A tune designed for heavy towing use. Our goal with this tune is to give you as much extra power and torque as we can offer while keeping the powertrain safe for towing at max capacity.  We calibrate around sustained EGT and torque converter clutch capacity.

Light Tow: A tune designed for light towing use (8K lb trailer and lighter). Our goal with this tune is to give you as much extra power and torque as we can offer while keeping the powertrain safe for towing at a light and medium capacity.  We calibrate around sustained EGT and torque converter clutch capacity at these load levels.

Street: A tune designed for daily driving, and great mileage. Our goal with this tune is to give you a tune that's fun drive unloaded every day.  Improved throttle response, good low end feel and crisp shifts.  We balance fun and mileage with long term driveline and emissions system reliability. 

Race Tune:  A significant bump in power and torque.  It feels like a totally different truck at this time.  We're talking about a truck that's a lot of fun to drive and a surprise for most anything you'll see at a stoplight.  We recommend not exceeding this power level for long term health on an un-modified transmission or stock clutch (manual trans).  See our King level tuning if you're prepared for 500+HP and a few transmission parts.

Power Level Heavy Tow Light Tow Street Race 68RFE Aisin

2013 - 2020

Stock Transmission

+20hp/40 ft. lbs. +40hp/80 ft. lbs. +80hp/150 ft. lbs +100/180 ft. lbs. * *

2013 - 2020

Built Transmission

+40hp/80 ft. lbs. +60hp/120 ft. lbs. +110hp/180 ft. lbs +160/300 ft. lbs.  *

* Supported Vehicle Configuration

- Currently, we are working on adding Switch-On-The-Fly support for G56 equipped trucks.

- Emissions deletes are NOT supported.


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