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ATS Performance

SKU: ATS-3069459272

545RFE Automatic Transmission * 4Wheel Drive * TRANSMISSION ONLY *

545RFE Automatic Transmission  * 4Wheel Drive * TRANSMISSION ONLY *
Purchase 545RFE Automatic Transmission * 4Wheel Drive * TRANSMISSION ONLY *
  • SKU: ATS-3069459272

    545RFE Automatic Transmission * 4Wheel Drive * TRANSMISSION ONLY *

  • Brand: ATS Performance Application: 2003-2009 Dodge Cummins 5.9L

  • $2,131.50

Product description

Transmissions could have up to a $200.00 freight charge. Contact sales tech for more informantion

ATS 545RFE?s are Built to Handle Your Hemi?s Power

ATS 545RFE packages were designed and tested to handle the abuse of towing, racing, superchargers, turbos or nitrous. Performance clutch packs (and more of them) are added to increase the 545RFE?s holding capacity. Line pressure is increased to provide more clamping force on the clutches ? increasing their life. ATS billet converters harness the power from the motor and send it to the tires. Custom stall speeds are available for towing, forced induction applications or drag racing. Topped off with an ATS deep pan, our 545RFE packages provide the transmission your legendary Hemi deserves.

545RFE Automatic Transmission - 2003-09 Dodge 1500, 2500 HEMI * 4-Wheel Drive * TRANSMISSION ONLY *

545-RFE Transmission Upgrade

Warranty - 5 Year / 500,000 miles! Torque Converter - patented Triplelok! There are several things that should be understood about the HEMI 545-RFE ATS built transmission. This transmission was originally designed to be very inexpensive to manufacture. This approach forced the original designers to cut corners in size and quality of materials that could be used. On a positive note, the technology that is utilized in the transmission is leading edge; this advanced technology has forced the aftermarket to completely rethink how to modify and control the transmission so that it can still perform and remain reliable while modifying the engine to have higher power levels over stock. ATS has developed a combined technology utilizing recalibration of the hydraulic circuits inside the transmission, including revamped accumulator rates, reprogrammed clutch to clutch apply and release timing, and line pressure rise rate to perfectly match the torque output of the engine. These enhancements, along with other key hydraulic modifications which ATS makes, must be done to ensure the clutch packs have the correct apply and release rates when commanded on or off. As well, the transmission hard parts have many limiting weaknesses which do not allow for increased power levels over stock. Specifically, the light duty shafts and hubs, and the low one-way sprag; these hard part weaknesses must be addressed. Some of the areas that are addressed by ATS to complete the performance transmission upgrade package are listed below, starting at the front of the transmission working towards the back. Because of the combined combination of technologies we have used to redesign this transmission to handle extreme power levels we now offer the RFE for any application. If your looking for the best in performance, durability and over all shift quality you have found what your looking for.
Pump Assembly:
The Torque converter regulator valve has been redesigned to prevent over pressure and ballooning of the converter, along with regulating minimum converter charge for proper cooling and lubrication of the transmission gear set. This redesign also eliminates the common problematic valve and bore ware that is usually the first cause of high mileage transmission failure. The main pressure regulator circuit is modified to enable a broader range of pressure that can be commanded from the TCM. This allows the pump to lower line pressure when the engine is at low loads and more responsively raise pressure above stock to react with increased engine torque and horse power levels.
Rotating Clutch Drum Assembly and Clutch Packs:
Clutch modifications are generally one of the most impactive and important items that can be upgraded in any transmission. In the case of the 68-RFE transmission, there is little room for additional clutches so modifications must be done to pressure plates providing increased clutch surfaces. The clutch surface area are listed below. <u


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