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Bosch 027 VP44 Fuel Injection Pump Standard Output (235HP) *Wire Tap Voids 1 Year Warranty*

Bosch 027 VP44 Fuel Injection Pump Standard Output (235HP) *Wire Tap Voids 1 Year Warranty*
Purchase Bosch 027 VP44 Fuel Injection Pump Standard Output (235HP) *Wire Tap Voids 1 Year Warranty*
  • SKU: DAP-VP44027SS

    Bosch 027 VP44 Fuel Injection Pump Standard Output (235HP) *Wire Tap Voids 1 Year Warranty*

  • Brand: Diesel Auto Power Application: 1998.5-2002 Dodge Cummins 5.9L 235HP

  • $1,061.99

Product description

*Wire Tap Voids 1 Year Warranty*

This pump is built with a reman PSG and reman aluminum housing

VP44027P 1998.5-2002 235HP pump that will fit Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel with Automatic or 5-speed 215HP & 235HP Dodge 5. Most common pump found on Dodge Pickup Trucks. Can support 650HP with the proper supporting mods. Pumps are rebuilt by a certified Bosch shop and have all Bosch upgrades and updates including new electronics and steel housing. One Year/ Unlimited mile warranty.* The VP44 is the most advanced pump Bosch has made. It uses the computer or PSG to control both fueling and timing. It is also more sensitive and dependent on the lift pump for cooling and lubrication. If the lift pump fails or is unable to keep 5psi (recommended is 13psi) of fuel pressure your pump is susceptible to damage, overheating and failure. Free shipping and return shipping to 48 states.


Core deposit of $600 required unless core sent in advance. If a rebuildable core (ie. not seized, damaged, contaminated, disassembled) is not received in 30 days from date of shipment a reduced core credit of $200 applies for late cores. International orders have 45 days. IF YOU PURCHASE AN SO 235HP PUMP, YOU MUST RETURN AN SO 235HP PUMP. ANYTHING OTHER THAN AN SO 235HP PUMP RETURNED WILL RESULT IN 1/2 CREDIT.


Free shipping on the pump and Free return shipping of the core for 48 states. HI, AK, PR and International orders do not qualify for free shipping or a free return shipping label.


Failure to replace feed pump along with the Injection Pump may result in damage not covered under warranty. It is highly recommended that the feed pump be changed along with the injection pump. The VP44 pump uses fuel to cool and lubricate the pump. The tolerances between the head and the rotor are very tight. Performance chips affect the cooling rate of the pump. The pump will become hotter due to excessive RPM??s from the chips programming. When the throttle is backed off, the fuel to the pump is reduced, and the pumps cooling capabilities are greatly reduced. Since the pump is hotter from the increased RPM??s, the rotor seizes in the head and the pump fails. An alternative to cutting/tapping into the pump wires is to use a larger set of injectors or/and a chip that plugs directly into the trucks ECM. This approach will allow for an increase in HP while not excessively heating the fuel pump.


Often if your VP44 failed, the root cause is a bad or failing lift pump. The stock lift pump does not supply sufficient pressure for stock power. It is mounted to the engine block and has to push through some small fittings and lines that act as a restriction, even worse the pump has to pull fuel all the way from the tank. Electric pumps are designed to PUSH not PULL fuel. The in tank pump recommended by Dodge dealers is not much better. It may flow a slightly higher volume but at pressures even lower than the stock pump. It is placed inside the fuel tank to keep it cool and reduce failures, but when it fails you are out another $500 for the dealer to drop your tank and replace the pump again.

Defective VP44 Codes:

The retrieval of codes does not constitute an engine diagnosis. However, there are some codes that usually indicate a defective injection pump. A current P1688 always means that the pump is bad, there is no further diagnosis required. Code P0216 is probably the most common code for VP44 Pumps. If transfer pump pressure has been checked and is O.K., the injection pump is defective. It is rare to get a P0216 for contamination but it may be worth trying some quality diesel fuel cleaner/conditioner with the small percentage that it may clean the internals of the pump to remove varnish and allow the pump to time fuel delivery correctly. Other codes that are less common are P0180, P0181, P0215, P0251, P0252, P0253, P0254, P0370, P1287, P1689 and P1690. These codes USUALLY, but not always indicate a defective pump. There are wiring and power checks to be performed if these codes are present. These codes relate to Dodge pickups only, and are not for any other ISB application.

Cross Reference:

VP44027 is also known as: SO, Standard Output, 027, 215Hp 235HP, 027, 0470506005, 0470506027, 05015721AA, 05019658AA, 05019658AB, 05019658AC, 05019658AD, R5011041AA, R5011041AB, R5013925AA, R5015721AA, IPVR11X, IPVR12X, IPVR15X, 0470506015, 0470506022, 0470506027, and 0986444007.

VP44028 is also known as : HO, High Output, 245HP, 028, 0470506028 or IPVR17X, 05018495AA, 05019657AA, 05019657AB, 05019657AC, 05019657AD, R5018495AA, R5019657AA, R5019657AB, R5019657AC, R5019657AD, 3937159RX, 3937670RX, 3937687RX, 3946370RX, 3947031RX, 3947159RX, 0470506014, 0470506021, 0470506028, IPVR14X, and IPVR17X.

VP44029 is also known as: Midrange, 029, 0470506029 0470506003, 0470506012, 0470506026, 0986444009, IPVR13X, IPVR16X, 3964555RX, 3944983RX, 3943506RX, 3937672RX, and 3937167RX.


Please make sure that the keyway is aligned properly to avoid damaging it and causing a timing error and P0216 code.

VP44 Install And Removal Part 1:     

VP44 Install And Removal Part 2:     

VP44 Install And Removal Part 3:     

VP44 Install And Removal Part 4:     

VP44 Install And Removal Part 5:     

VP44 Install And Removal Part 6:     

Diesel Auto Power would like to thank "Diesel Dan" MacDonald for posting these informative videos!


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