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Crazy Carl's

SKU: CCT-Whipple-SC-kit

Crazy Carls Whipple Supercharger kit

Crazy Carls Whipple Supercharger kit
Purchase Crazy Carls Whipple Supercharger kit
  • SKU: CCT-Whipple-SC-kit

    Crazy Carls Whipple Supercharger kit

  • Brand: Crazy Carl's Application: 1994-2007 Dodge Cummins 5.9L/6.7L

  • $8,095.00

Product description

This part has a build time and are all custom built to order.

Another Crazy Carls original product!

The Whipple supercharger kit is our latest development in the pursuit of perfection for the Cummins Dodge. It attains INSTANT boost and makes driving the truck an absolute joy. This system is for serious power and can be run with your current turbo for amazing low AND top-end performance.

We are the ONLY company in the world offering a blower for use with compound turbochargers!

Supercharge Your Diesel Truck! - Diesel Power Magazine

Base Kit includes: Whipple twin screw supercharger, drive snout, Custom no-slip drive pulley, idler pulley system, belt, mounting base, inlet flange, intake pipe, filter, Our massive custom bypass valve, hardware, and instructions.

We chose Whipple because their supercharger is the cutting edge of positive displacement forced induction technology. The efficiency rivals the best turbochargers and its responsiveness and quality is unmatched.

Boost on a 12v from the 3.3L with 3" pulley is 4psi @ idle, 12psi @ 2000rpms, and 30psi @ 4000rpms, WITHOUT a turbo!! and with NO fueling mods! Superchargers are crank driven and make boost in direct proportion to RPMs. They are also not adversely affected by high altitude or atmospheric density like a turbo can be.

5 + 6 speed trucks suffer NO lag or boost loss when shifting!! and can launch under boost without balancing on the clutch!

If you want to turn heads and snap necks, this will do it!

The kit features a 3.3 liter supercharger. We build the kit to force-feed your turbo(s) for an awesome set of unstoppable sequential chargers! These kits have ZERO lag, and cannot be "snuffed" the way a turbo only system can.

Our trucks are daily driven year-round, used on the farm, plowing snow, and pulling trailers regularly. No dyno queens here!

*all kits are fully custom made-to-order and will take 6+ weeks to ship, depending on the availability of the SC ordered and complexity of set-up.

**please Email us and indicate the year of the truck and turbo(s) & manifold when inquiring.

Worlds first supercharged and compound turbo'd Cummins! - YouTube


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