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Fuel and Oil Additives


Rev-X Oil Additive 4 oz Bottle

Rev-X Oil Additive 4 oz Bottle
Purchase Rev-X Oil Additive 4 oz Bottle
  • SKU: RVX-REV0401

    Rev-X Oil Additive 4 oz Bottle

  • Brand: Rev-X Application: Universal

  • $28.76

    Sale Items: $7.19

Product description

If you've been looking for an oil additive that is a simple pour in product that will ramp up the performance of any lubricating fluid available, Rev-X High Performance Oil Additive has been proven worldwide to perform better than any expectations. ?ÿ Rev-X High Performance Oil Additive was formulated to be the highest performing oil additive available at any cost with zero downsides that can be blended int all types of lubricating fluids for the ultimate friction reduction agent that virtually eliminates wear while reducing thermal temperatures.?ÿ

Never before has the proper oil additive package been so instrumental in protecting today's high performance diesel engines. With the EPA mandating the removal of key lubricating components such as Zinc, Sulfur, and many more from today's diesel fuel and engine oils, the consumer has been left with only one choice for complete protection. REV-X Performance Oil Additive fills that gap and then blows the previous specifications away with above and beyond performance and protection for any lubricated component in your pride and joy!

Benefits of using REV-X Performance Oil Additive:
Increases Efficiency
Increases Horsepower and Torque
Greatly Improves Cold Start Operation
Smoother Operation of all Treated Components
Dramatic Reduction in Component Wear
Reduces Thermal Temperatures
Reduces Turbo Spool Times
Enhances FORD PowerStroke Injection Systems for Proper Operation

4 oz treats up to 6 quarts of oil.
*Includes: One 4 oz Bottle


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