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Gasoline Engines

SKU: SCT-7215

SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer

SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer
Purchase SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer
  • SKU: SCT-7215

    SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer

  • Brand: SCT Application: Dodge/Chrysler Gas
  • $419.00

Product description

Product Description

SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer: From the factory, your vehicle's computer is calibrated for the masses, designed with the average driver in mind, not the performance enthusiast. This not only leaves valuable Horsepower & Torque hidden inside your vehicle, but it also makes for a mediocre driving experience. The SCT X4 Power Flash unlocks your vehicle's hidden performance by optimizing your vehicle's computer for Maximum Horsepower, Torque, Increased Throttle Response, Firmer Shifts & even Increased Fuel Mileage!

*X4 Power Flash Programmer Features:*
* Available for most 1996-2014 Ford & General Motors Vehicles
* Adds Horsepower & Torque in Minutes!
* Full Color LCD Display
* Built-In WiFi for Easy Updates
* Pre-Loaded Dyno Proven Tune Files
* Stores up to 10 Custom Tunes
* High Speed Data Logging / Monitoring
* Reads / Clears DTC Trouble Codes
* User Adjustable Vehicle Parameters

SCT's Pre-Loaded Dyno Proven tune files optimize the vehicle's Air / Fuel Ratio, Engine Timing & Fuel Curves for Maximum Performance while maintaining OEM reliability & drivability.

Whether towing a fully loaded race trailer or a 5th Wheel Camper, SCT's Towing tune files add the perfect mix of Horsepower & Torque to help make hauling loads easier.

SCT's Performance & Towing tune files not only optimize the vehicle for Maximum Performance, they often INCREASE the vehicle's FUEL MILEAGE by up to 1-2MPG!

2012-2014Chrysler 300V6 3.6L / V8 5.7L / V8 6.4L
2011-2016Chrysler 300V6 3.6L / V8 5.7L
2010-2010Chrysler 300C / S
V8 5.7L
2008-2010Chrysler 300C SRT8
V8 6.1L
2008-2009Chrysler 300C
V8 5.7L
2015-2016Dodge ChallengerV6 3.6L / V8 5.7L / V8 6.2L / V8 6.4L
2011-2014Dodge ChallengerV6 3.6L / V8 5.7L / V8 6.4L
2008-2008Dodge ChallengerV8 6.1L
2009-2010Dodge ChallengerR/T
V8 5.7L
2009-2010Dodge ChallengerSRT8
V8 6.1L
2015-2016Dodge ChargerV6 3.6L / V8 5.7L / V8 6.2L / V8 6.4L
2012-2014Dodge ChargerV6 3.6L / V8 5.7L / V8 6.4L
2011-2011Dodge ChargerV6 3.6L / V8 5.7L
2008-2010Dodge ChargerR/T / SE
V8 5.7L
2008-2010Dodge ChargerSRT8
V8 6.1L
2011-2016Dodge DurangoV8 5.7L
2008-2008Dodge DurangoAdventurer / Limited / SLT / SLT Plus
V8 5.7L
2009-2009Dodge DurangoLimited / Limited Hybrid / SE / SLT
V8 5.7L
2008-2008Dodge MagnumR/T
V8 5.7L
2008-2008Dodge MagnumSRT8
V8 6.1L
2008-2010Dodge Ram 1500V8 5.7L
2012-2016Jeep Grand CherokeeV6 3.6L / V8 5.7L / V8 6.4L
2011-2011Jeep Grand CherokeeV6 3.6L / V8 5.7L
2010-2010Jeep Grand CherokeeV8 5.7L / V8 6.1L
2008-2009Jeep Grand CherokeeLimited / Overland
V8 5.7L
2008-2009Jeep Grand CherokeeSRT8
V8 6.1L
2012-2016Jeep WranglerV6 3.6L
2008-2011Jeep WranglerV6 3.8L
2011-2015Ram 1500V8 5.7L
2013-2013Ram 1500Big Horn / Express / Laramie / Laramie Longhorn / Outdoorsman / R/T / SLT / Sport / ST / SXT / Tradesman


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