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T4 Turbo Mount Kit

T4 Turbo Mount Kit
Purchase T4 Turbo Mount Kit

    T4 Turbo Mount Kit

  • Brand: Application: 1994-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L

  • $1,950.00

Product description

7.3 Powerstroke T4 Turbo Mount System Kit 1999-2003

The Irate Diesel T4 style pedestal adapter flange T4 mounting kit is everything you need to upgrade the stock turbocharger to an aftermarket S300 or S400 conversion. Adding a turbo to the Powerstroke gives you more power and economy. Turbo upgrades with more fuel can increase the power output of the engine substantially. Turbo not included with this kit. This kit is the mounting system only (for use with your own turbo). T4 complete mounting kit for 7.3 Powerstroke can be used to mount up S400 and GT 42 turbo chargers. Kit doesn't include new Plenums but can be added from the drop down menu. New plenums are required for this kit for clearance of the S400 style turbo.
The advantages of the the T4 turbo kit:
  • Complete upgrade of the stock turbo mounting system
  • Change turbos easily
  • Upgrade turbos and grow with the power desired
  • Many more turbo options from small to very large
Kit includes:
  • Turbo mounting Pedestal
  • Collector with 304ss up-pipes
  • 304ss intercooler piping and intake
  • Y Two piece 4" downpipe
  • Valley return fitting
  • Stainless oil supply and drain lines
  • 4" stainless intake tube for 4" filter
  • All necessary hardware for installation
The 3.5" v-band discharge compressor covers will have a custom 304 Stainless Steel flange welded on and will include the v-band clamp and o-ring for installation. 94-97 OBS Truck- Must have extra modifications for this to be true bolt on. You will need an intercooler kit or modified intercooler bypass kit installed.
The obs truck also must have a electric fuel system. This kit is not compatible with the stock fuel pump that is located in the valley. Also required to have the IDP Boot kit.
Early '99 trucks will need 3" plenums boots.
*S400 kits require you add the Plenums for clearance.


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