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Tork Teknology


Tork Teknology P7100 Race Only Overflow Valve - OFV075HP

Tork Teknology P7100 Race Only Overflow Valve - OFV075HP
Purchase Tork Teknology P7100 Race Only Overflow Valve - OFV075HP

    Tork Teknology P7100 Race Only Overflow Valve - OFV075HP

  • Brand: Tork Teknology Application: 1994-1998 Dodge Cummins 5.9L With P7100 Pump

  • $28.75

Product description



* OFV050HP Use with RACE ONLY Cummins® diesels.

* Raises fuel pressure at full power.


 From Tork Technology:


As you know, we have four performance overflow valves for the Bosch® P7100 (AKA P Pump) injection pump. Each valve is sized for a fuel pressure range and performance level.


Why another valve? I had the pleasure of meeting Van Haisley of Haisley's Machine at a sled pull in Ohio. This man is a wealth of information when it comes to building ultra high horsepower diesels. I was showing him some of our injector pullers and overflow valves. He asked me if I ever saw a Cummins® P pump overflow valve for an agricultural application. I said no.... but i would like to see one. His wife gave me one at the Scheid Extravaganza 2010.


High Performance Overflow Valve OFV075HPI was shocked by the very small orifice in this valve. By any standard, it's micro size. I told Van I was skeptical about using the agricultural version of the Cummins® overflow valve. He assured me that they have been used in the Bosch® P7100 for years (agricultural applications only).


We tested the valve and it flows less than .28 gallons per minute. Because the orifice is so small, I DO NOT recommend this valve for street use on the Cummins® 12V. I'm concerned about adequate cooling, for the Cummins® P pump. I suggest that you use the OFV060HP on the street and switch to the OFV075HP at the track.


What fuel pressure should you be running? Here is a general rule to determine the fuel pressure you should be at. Multiply the governor spring rpm (in thousands) times 10. In other words, you want 10 PSI of fuel pressure per 1000 RPM of govenor speed. If you installed a 3K govenor kit, you need a minimum of 30 PSI at full power.  A 4K kit requires 40 PSI at WOT. 5K requires at least 50 PSI. Remember, this is at full power, not idle or cruise.


Here's the advantage to the competition Cummins® owner. With that little of fuel being returned back to tank, you can achieve maximum fuel pressure at full power. If you are experiencing low fuel pressure on your competition Cummins®, give the OFV075HP a try! You will notice the difference.



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