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Wastegated S300 Tubro Sock

Wastegated S300 Tubro Sock
Purchase Wastegated S300 Tubro Sock
  • SKU: WSTS300TS

    Wastegated S300 Tubro Sock

  • Brand: Application: S300 Turbo
  • $99.99

Product description

This is a Turbo sock that fits most aftermarket wastegated S300 Turbos (II PhatShaft, HTT, BD) and comes with 2 stainless steel ties for installation.

* Faster Spool Up.
* Lower underhood temps.
* Cooler Intake air temps.
* Lower exhaust gas temps.
* Fast Install, usually less than 15 minutes.
* Will not become brittle, stays soft and pliable even after years of use.
* 3 full layers, top and bottom layers of silica cloth. Middle layer of 1/2" thick silica insulation. Rated at 1800 degrees continuous and ability for short excursions to 3000 degrees.


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