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Driven Diesel


Driven Diesel 94-97 7.3L OBS Electric Fuel System

Driven Diesel 94-97 7.3L OBS Electric Fuel System
Purchase Driven Diesel 94-97 7.3L OBS Electric Fuel System

    Driven Diesel 94-97 7.3L OBS Electric Fuel System

  • Brand: Application: 1994-1997 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L

  • $1,299.00

Product description

OBS Driven Diesel DD-73FS-OBSFS-1P Electric Fuel System

Electric Fuel Pump System Conversion or E-Fuel kit is truly a COMPLETE fuel system solution. This package includes our proven OBS Regulated Return Kit along with the necessary electric fuel pump, fuel filters, hose, fittings and all necessary hardware...for a total "tank to engine" electric fuel system package. Fuel delivery is handled by the nearly bulletproof OEM Bosch fuel pump from the 99-03 Super Duty trucks, providing you with stellar reliability and enough fuel to supply up to about a 160cc injector (350-375hp). The result is a much more consistent fuel flow/pressure delivered to the injectors, a primed fuel system BEFORE starting the engine, support for moderately upgraded power levels as well as filters that are easier to service and less expensive to replace!

This fuel system package features:
Compatible with Both Stock and Aftermarket Turbochargers
Compatible with Twin HPOP Setups
High Quality Fuelab Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulator
3/8" CNC Bent S.S. Hard Line Used in High Temperature and Tight Radius Locations
High Quality 3/8" S.S. Braided Teflon Hoses with CLEAR Protective Covering
OPTIONAL Driven Diesel S.S. High Flow Banjo Bolt Kit - RECOMMENDED
Stainless Steel Regulator Mounting Bracket
Marshall Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge
All Kits Feed Front Ports (away from Turbo Heat) and Return from Rear Ports
Bosch Electric Fuel Pump (same pump as 99-03 Ford Super Duty)
Can be Upgraded to "Dual Stock Pump" Setup at a later date (support for more HP)
Driven Diesel T-304 S.S. Fuel Pump/Filter Mounting Bracket (No Drilling Req)
**High Quality Pre & Post Pump Fuel Filter Heads
Baldwin Pre & Post Pump Fuel Filter Elements
3/8" Mini Ball Valve Included (shut-off fuel supply during filter change)Complete Pump/Filters Assembly is only 13" Wide!20' of Gates #6 Fuel Line and All Necessary Fittings
Driven Diesel OBS Fuel Pump Wiring Harness w/Pump Controller
All Necessary Hardware for Installation

IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. This kit RETAINS the fuel tank selector will still be able to use BOTH fuel tanks using the switch on the dash, like you always have. 2. While we have done everything we can to make this the most compact fuel pump and filter mount on the market at only 13" wide, there are a few applications where the mount will not fit inside the frame. Before ordering, please check your truck for clearance between the front of the fuel tank and the rear of the transfer case (4x4) for the necessary 13"-15" of installation space. If your truck doesn't have enough space inside the frame, this kit CAN be used outside the frame. You will need to disconnect the parking brake cable and route it through our pump mount bracket (we suggest covering it with a piece of split rubber hose as well), and shorten the pump mount bolts that protrude through the rear of the bracket. There should be plenty of extra hose in the kit to cleanly route the fuel lines to this location as well. 3. Due to the differences we have seen in the condition of body mounts on OBS trucks (distance from frame to body), our pump bracket may contact the underside of the vehicle floor. On the few trucks we have found clearance issues on, the contact was very minor and the easiest solution was to carefully push the floor up about 1/4" in the affected area.


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