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Swamps Heavy Duty Rebuilt 58V FICM

Swamps Heavy Duty Rebuilt 58V FICM
Purchase Swamps Heavy Duty Rebuilt 58V FICM

    Swamps Heavy Duty Rebuilt 58V FICM

  • Brand: Application: 2003-2007 Ford Powerstroke 6.0L
  • This part has been discontinued, please see part number: DAP-58VFICM

  • $700.00

Product description

Our 58v Fuel Injection Control Module units come pre-programmed with the latest factory Ford programming. These units are fully tested (on a test bench, actually sending signals to 8 fuel injectors), with a 30 amp load, and are ready to install & drive away. No reprogramming by Ford is required.
The higher output voltage of our 58v FICM forces the fuel injector to open more quickly, which allows the fuel injector to flow slightly more fuel than the lower/stock voltage unit. The quicker action of the fuel injector also slightly advances the injection timing. The results with the 58v FICM is that the truck will pick up an additional 40rwhp; even with the standard Ford programming.
The 58v FICM is compatible with any brand of tuner on the market. The common programmers on the market (such as Edge, Superchips, SCT, Bullydog, etc) are actually recalibrating the ECM, not the FICM. You do not need to have them uninstalled or reprogrammed with the addition of our 58v FICM. Each FICM built is shipped with a "data sheet" showing the voltage & signaling output test results, before & after our repair &/or modification.


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